Photography ~ Facebook– June 2016 Photo-a-Day Challenge–Day 11

Since I cannot submit a collage, I have to find a single photograph to represent my 2008 [odyssey] rides.

The  prompt is: If I wrote a novel, it would be about…

…a 2008 Coast-to-Coast [and more] Cycling Odyssey


Niagara Falls

This novel would begin with a Catrike Rally in Winter Garden, Florida, followed by the Face of America Ride from Bethesda, Maryland to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Late June ’08 began the actual odyssey by biking in Virginia & Tennessee; then a drive [with a breakdown in South Dakoda] to Idaho, then on to Wenatchee & Seattle, Washington; from Seattle a one-day [204-mile] bike ride to Portland, Oregon; follow that with a drive to Minnesota for a short visit with Hazel. Go from there to Iowa for RAGBRAI. Meet friends in Illinois and ride with them. Go home for a few days before driving to Buffalo, New York to ride with cyclist at Niagara. Home again, then to Georgia and later to Charleston, South Carolina for more riding.

Two Thousand Eight was a heck of a cycling year. I am glad I documented enough of the story that [if I were so inclined] I could indeed write a novel about a fictionized character who took on these feats and met the challenges as they happened. Could there be “a Best Seller” here?

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Cycling ~ Bikes, Trike & Quad–Cycles I own/have owned & ridden…

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At one point, as many a 7 cycles, now 3 + an ElliptiGO.

Bikes for sale ~ EBay [as listed by my agent]

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Trek Y-22 Trek 5200

Item No: 230462802136

Item No: 230462811904

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One more ride in the bank

12-31-2008 Summary

Slightly windier today than yesterday. Just a bit slower too. Although the first half of the ride, I picked up my average speed .7 of a mile. I lost all of it during the back half.I’m sure some of it was the wind and some me. Anyway, I burned calories and that is good. Plus, I’m getting my legs back. BTW, I rode my Trek 5200 again today. If I ride tomorrow, I’ll ride my Trek Project One on a shorter hillier 13 mile route. From the house, out & back. [click to expand graphic]

I needed a ride & GOT IT!

081229 EastoverSince I have not ridden since early December [FestiVELO]; I needed to relieve stress; and, I needed to burn calories, I prepared my Trek 5200 and we went for a nice 29 mile ride. Albeit, slower than I’ve ridden this route before, but not to shabby, give temps and wind. Plus, I’m not at my summer level of conditioning. Anyway it was good enough that I hope to do it again tomorrow.

pc300017You may wonder why the 5200. I flatted twice on it in FestiVELO and it’s not a ‘bent. Well, it was fastest to setup. I had to transfer pedals and load my emergency items. I plan to ride the Stratus XP on a colder day, given its fairing. I’ll give Silk a spin in the cold with her fairing also.

I took my Trek 5200 on the road

That is, I road it at the 2008 Crusin’ in the Country Ride at Claxton, Georgia.  I rode it for just over 26 miles on Friday afternoon after arriving in Claxton. I averaged 17.1 mph.  The following day I rode my LWB Recumbent.

5200 ride today

Albeit brief, I used my 5200 to return home after dropping off my van for service: 0802251210Home2StewartTire&Auto

My Project One in at the LBS for service.

I will likely use it to go back to pick it up, depending on time of day.