Camera Truck ~ err, Bike [Faye]

Last December and early this January, I broadcasted live video from the setup on my RANS Citi Crank Forward Bike [Faye]. It worked rather well, once I made a stable platform. I used my OWLE Bubo with my iPhone 3GS.

Custom Pan & Tilt head for video streaming while riding Custom Pan & Tilt head for video streaming while riding--REVISED Custom Pan & Tilt head for video streaming while riding--REVISED

I have modified the mount and I’m not currently using my OWLE—waiting for a bumper case to securely mount the iPhone 4 into the OWLE.

In the meantime, I adapted my tripod mount to the mount I made for Faye. I can now easily go from tripod to bike and vice-versa.

I also moved the mount from the handlebar to the center mount for my DiNotte 1200 Lumen Headlight.

Perhaps, I’ll get to record a short video using the new iPhone 4 App, iMovie. I used it for the videos I recently recorded of Maria Parker’s ride [vid1 & Vid2].

Now, if I can figure a way to use my “Camera Bike” to get special shots of Maria during her 100-mile record attempt. That would be so cool!

iPhone 4 mounted on bike for video

Here we go ~ 12/30 Live Video Stream Ride

[qik url=”” width=”425″ height=”319″]


~ The Garmin Connect Activity Player or the Ride ~

Vodpod videos no longer available.

jalexartis remote pre-setup for Maria’s World Record Attempt ~ 10/10/09

jalexartis remote pre-setup

I think I am ready. Is it me or was it 24 years in the U.S. Army that says setup and use to ensure there are no surprises? I have 2 laptops; my VOIP telephone; my iPhone & iPod Touch; a scanner; 3 cameras [iPhone included]; my RANS Citi Crank Forward; chargers, a cooler, rented a canopy for sun & rain. Anything else? My Maria Parker Photoset on flickr.

jalexartis remote pre-setup jalexartis remote pre-setup jalexartis remote pre-setup jalexartis remote pre-setup

A long time ago [09/18] , I showed you…

how I attached my DiNotte 1299L Headlight to my RANS Citi Crank Forward Bike.

DiNotte 1200L Headlight Installed

To ease transferring the light from cycle to cycle I modified the mount to use the same attachment process that I use on my trike. Care to guess where the bracket added to the Terracycle Accessory Mount [bottom pictures] came from?

DiNotte 1200L Mount Altered DiNotte 1200L Mount Altered DiNotte 1200L Mount Altered

With this modification, I only have to remove the screw and take it to the other cycle. I’m working on having the nut in place. It is there on the trike, but not the Citi. Before, I had to remove the strap and attach the base you see below. The mod eliminate that. Further, I no longer have to be concerned with the possibility of the strap breaking or having a standby strap.

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I rode Maria’s 20-Mile White Oak NC Loop

My Ride of Maria's Loop

My speed was no where near impressive. Maria’s will be. Where I could have gone faster, I would spin out due to my single-speed gearing. Anyway, the course was fun to ride—lots of scrub oak and pine trees. The elevation profile is true to my feeling. Started well, lost .8 mph average speed through about mid course and gained back .6 mph through the end of the course. I had to stop at the beginning to pick up my small camera. I dropped out of my pocket.

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Here she is [October 2009 edition]…

She, of course is Silk, one of my 2 [of seven] named cycles. I’m not sure why, except when I say Silk or Faye, others know the exact cycle, I’m referring to. [One day, I’ll post a story about that]. Anyway, it has been 9 days since the disappointing 2nd arrival of a damaged [08/04 & 09/21] Goblin Cricket Tail Fairing. Likely, you’ve read the details of the 09/21 experience [post#1 & Post#2].

Well, during the last 10 days, I’ve been publishing other articles and working like mad on details of my fairing fitting to my Catrike 700. I used several days in August [first delivery] to get a good fit  and then wrote about things I like and do not like about the fairing. You’ve seen the list. Now, I can add a few more dislikes and bold some of my likes. I do think the paint finish is stunning, although I see imperfections I do not recall from the 08/04 delivery.

Okay, here she is. May I call her the New Silk… [BROL Thread] & [Catrike Thread]

Trike & Fairing setup ~ cover shot

Trike & Fairing setup ~ her name Trike & Fairing setup ~ her name Trike & Fairing setup ~ her name

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…and now on my Catrike 700

The DiNotte 1200L Headlight that is. Yesterday, you saw the 1200L mounted on my RANS Citi Crank Forward [post#1; post#2; and, Post#3]. Today, I removed the strap [that you see in the Citi photographs, then attached the lamp to another DiNotte B4 [28.6-31.8 mm] Handlebar Mount [as I used here]. At first, I thought of a Terracycle Accessory Mount, but do not need it here. The switch on the back of the light is easily assessable while riding. Here are the pics:

DiNotte 1200L Headlight
DiNotte 1200L Headlight
DiNotte 1200L Headlight
DiNotte 1200L Headlight

The headlight position here is for the trike without my Mueller Windwrap XT Fairing in place. When installed, I’ll have to design a bracket [likely a Terracycle Accessory Mount] for my Catrike 700 that places the light forward of the fairing. In reality, I’m not expecting to do a lot of night trike riding, but should I, I’m ready.