Other possible Citi components…

Magura H33 Hydraulic BrakesBrakes: Magura HS33 Hydraulic Rim Brakes [Magura Site]

Why not? Again, I’m building up a unique RANS Crank Forward. Now, the question is: Will the rear brake work on this bike? …and Nanda, the answer is…

Rims: I learned of these rims as I’ve researched the build-up of the Surly Big Dummy. Surly’s staff says a 2.25-2.3 tire is the smallest tire they like on this rim.  The maximum tire width for the Magura H33 brake is 2.5 inches.  Now, the question is: Will the Citi frame take a 2.3" tire?

VikB [BROL member] has these rims [with the Shimano Alfine Hub in black ~ way to GO!] on his Surly Pugsley. Vik has a Big Dummy [on my wish list] and writes about both in his "The Lazy Randonneur" blog as well as having lots of pictures in his flickr photostream. Pay him frequent visits. He always has lots of information there and has consolidated several blogs into one.

Tires: Schwabe Big Apple LiteSkin

Feather light Balloonbike comfort. Depending upon size the LiteSkin version is ca. 150 to 200 g lighter than a conventional Big Apple tire. The weight reduction has been made possible using folding tire technology and the specially light LiteSkin side wall. There is no reduction in puncture protection!

Bottom Bracket, Crank, and Chain Ring: I have no particular preference other than color–black. So, Nanda, what do you recommend to go with what I have described? Components from the Alfine Group look interesting.

Chain: SRAM Hollowpin chain.

Again, I look to Nanda [BTW, Nanda is also a BROL member ~ Stradavarius] for the sanity check: Will these tires fit and how will large wheels/tires look on the Citi? Schwabe Specs: Article No ~ 11633439; Size ~ 26 x 2.35; PSI ~ 20-55

The other components are discussed in my 12/26 Just for knocking around–cruzin’ post.

Just for knocking around–cruzin’

You may have noticed this cycle [RANS Citi Crank Forward] on my wish list. The Citi has that clean, retro look. It’s one that I’d like to add to my stable. If it should happen, setup will be fun. As compared to several of my other cycles, this setup will be simple.  This bike has no front derailleur, thus no derailleur post. In keeping it clean, I will not use a rear derailleur either; rather a SRAM i-Motion internal hub. If it were possible, on this cycle, I’d use a Gates carbon-belt drive instead of a chain. There is currently no way to get the belt inside the chain or seat stay.  So, chain it may have to be. The cycle color theme will be red & black.

Citi Frameset

Citi comes in Metallic Red & Ti Rose–note: the ’09 decals are black. I want to use the Crank Forward carbon fiber fork and seat, with black handlebars; black seat post [preferably carbon fiber]; black wheels; spokes; hub; steering riser; etc. I’ll use rim as opposed to than disk brakes.

Zenetik Pro Frameset

Preliminary coordination for this cycle was made with Nanda Holz at Spin Cyclz in late October ’08. Nanda has me queued for sometime in the spring. Now, if  I can integrate this with my photographic, and Catrike upgrades, that will be great. If not, the other two have priority for now. I want to start shooting panoramas and I want to make the Catrike Rally, with a few new gems.

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Wish List

Here are a few items, I want to add to my cycles:

I want two rear and two front lights. I spoke with a DiNotte sales representative and the fronts lights can be changed to amber.  Although, I currently have four DiNotte 200L engines, I tire of changing lights and wiring from cycle to cycle. These lights are from DiNotte’s LI – Endurance Series and will give me even brighter lights for the trike–maybe before the Catrike Rally.

I wanted to purchase these before I set out on my Cycling Odyssey last June, but the funds were not available and have not been since my return. This is an update that I want before the ’09 Catrike Rally, should I be able to attend. These brakes will give me improved stopping power as well as eliminate the occasional wheel cover rub I get with my Avid BB7s.

  • From Dana Lieberman at Bent Up Cycles [bought my 3 recumbents there] the ceramic bearings [for Silk] I had planned to purchase before my ’08 Cycling Odyssey. Again, I’d love to have these before the ’09 Catrike Rally.

Nodal Ninja 3 MKII Full Spherical Multirow Panoramic QTVR Tripod Head

I love photography and have always wanted to take panoramas. I had a pano head for a small Nikon digital camera–sold it to my son along with the camera. Now I want to do panos again, but with my Canon EOS D60 35mm camera. My panorama stitching software of choice is Autopano Pro 1.4.2.

I used this program in trial mode and find it easy to use and effective. I created a panorama of my bike room using my Cannon in a hand-held mode. Autopano Pro did extremely well. On a tripod, with properly spaced shots–it will do even better. I need a job!!!

Here are two cycles that I hope to add to my fleet:

RANS Crank Forward Citi

  • The Citi: Purchased 02/24 & received 03/04

The Citi would come from Nanda Holz at Spin Cyclz and would use and internal hub versus a rear derailleur. I want the carbon seat and carbon fork that’s used on the RANS Zenetik and rim as opposed to disc brakes, with black riser & handlebar, and black rim & spokes. This cycle would be used for short cruises and will be as simple as possible. [Click on the picture to goto the Citi page.]

Surly Big Dummy

  • The Big Dummy:

The Big Dummy is a long-hauler [click on the picture above to go to Surly’s web page]. The best website fo all you want to know about this truck is Vik’s The Lazy Randonneur Blog [also newly constructed]. I plan to use the military green, with the white decals and black accessories. I do not like the aluminum pannier rack and will have it painted military green so that it looks like part of the frame. This cycle will be my cargo hauler, minimizing the times I’d need an automoblile for carrying items in and around town. There are some amazing hauls, to be seen via the Internet, that have been made using this bike. Check these flickr pics.