Fitness ~ Bike Ride–Transportation for Photo Job, 03/29

Clear Wednesday & Sunday mornings. Rain possible Thursday, Friday, & Saturday.

Mt Sinai DVD2I biked to Mt. Sinai today [3.68 mi.] for my 4th site survey and biked home [3.08 mi.]. I also looked at the church grounds Easter Sunday evening.

In terms of blossoms and the weather forecast, I need to shoot tomorrow morning. That means sunrise be there before the rising sun.

I expect this will be a two-part shoot. There is not sufficient foliage of the trees for a meaningful spring presentation.

Cycling ~ RANS Citi Crank Forward–Updated Cockpit [favorite 3], 11/01

Flickr Album–2015 RANS Citi Crank Forward [“Faye“]

Dedication ~ Moses Mathis–The Bicycle Man, Trailhead, Cape Fear River Trail

North Carolina Trailhead named to honor “Bicycle Man”

Moses Mathis worked hard for 22 years to put smiles on the faces of Fayetteville, North Carolina, children by providing free bicycles to them at Christmas time.

Over the years, he became known as the “Bicycle Man.” Since he started the program in his Tiffany Pines neighborhood in 1990, Mathis and his team of volunteers refurbished and distributed some 26,000 bicycles.

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Fitness ~ Cycling, Sunday Morning, 05/31

2015-05-31_7-06-17 Bike Ride

CRW_8507.CRWAnother ride in the bank. I tried the 2nd hill at mile 6. For now, it is too steep to ride seated on this single speed with its gearing. Riding standing is more difficult on a crank forward bike. Anyway, I rode a longer distance in a shorter period than yesterday’s ride. I plan to ride again Tuesday & Thursday. Tomorrow, I may walk to the gym.

Fitness ~ Cycling, Saturday Morning, 05/30

0530 Bike Ride


It has been awhile…

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Cycling ~ Bikes, Trike & Quad–Cycles I own/have owned & ridden…

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At one point, as many a 7 cycles, now 3 + an ElliptiGO.

Camera Bike ~ Less bounce…

  …that is of the camera platform. I moved it from my most recent mount to the Topeak BarXtender you see here. It is firmer and frees my DiNotte 1200L headlight mount.
From the rider's perspective