Photography ~ Yet another DIY Canon EOS 6D DSLR Setup–More rain protection…, 10/31

I expect to check this additional protection Friday, 11/02

Photography ~ Dawn–Downtown Fayetteville, North Carolina, 10/28

Another shoot without a cloud in the sky

I shot these at 300mm. Next time I will shoot at 400mm. I want the Market House and the sun’s effect on it as the sun rises due east of the Market House. For the photographers in the 100 block of Hay Street, that will be November 11th. From my perch, 4 days later. I plan to shoot both…


Photography ~ Cam-n-van–After a Rainy Day, 10/26

Reflections are nice…

Our rain stopped after 9:00 pm. I went for this shoot around 10:30 pm–captured 29 and reduced those to 8.


Photography ~ Cam-n-van–A Rainy Morning, 10/26

I finally found a place to park with a relatively clear view

Finding a suitable place from which to take pictures was difficult on the work-day morning. Nonetheless, people were out and about.

Photography ~ Yet another DIY Canon EOS 6D DSLR Setup–Continued from 10/11…, 10/25

Now, to add the umbrella…

We have 12-hours or so of rain tomorrow–mostly during the day. If I am lucky, I will capture some day and night shots. I hope to see the dreariness and the reflections from the wetness. Anyway, the umbrella is to keep the rear opening of the van devoid of water.

My dry testing worked well. I captured rain during Hurricane Michael–no wet streets there though.

DIY ~ Photographer’s Bench/Seat/Stand–Finished–DSLR Photos, 10/25

This was a pleasure to build. Finishing takes a long time though…

Bare DIY BenchDIY Bench with tripod

DIY ~ Photographer’s Bench/Seat/Stand–Finished, 10/25

Four coats of polyurethane, two of Tung Oil, and waxed with paste wax.

The pad is in place and the tripod at rest for transport.

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