DIY ~ Micro-Lite Cargo-Go Lite Xtreme Trailer [Pole lights, fan, & equipment holder], 07/26

Added a “Steampunk” gauge–a thermometer, with a humidity meter

I expect to add two lights near the end of next week. Stay tuned…


DIY ~ Micro-Lite Cargo-Go Lite Xtreme Trailer [Pole lights, fan, & equipment holder], 07/23

Trifold utility–Steampunk Style

This project began by looking for a way to raise the fan [a gift from the Artis family, Richmond, Virginia]. I decided on pipes, except I thought I needed a 48″ threaded piece. I decided to use what I have, coming short by 3-inches. In the end, I shortened the fan pedestal even more–38.5 inches. My build will includes at least one Nanoleaf bloom. Thelighting will go well with the trailer [photo studio] as I am equipping it. I have wanted my equipment harness in the trailer; but, I had no place for it–now I do!

The pole is anchored to the floor at the passenger-side rear d-ring. It is installed so the floor can still float.

It has been a productive day. Next up–light sockets for the two bulbs. Stay tuned…

DIY ~ Ford Transit Connect XLT Van [rollout kitchen finishings–potable water storage], 07/21

A 35-gallon water storage pod


To facilitate the many pieces of photography gear in the Xtreme trailer, I did not order water storage, a sink, or a cooktop. After all, it is to be a mobile photo studio. Anyway, I want those features and more. My van kitchen planning is coming along…

Today, I added the Norwesco 35-gal portable water tank. I built the stand and its base over the last few weeks. I built the base from 2″ x 12″ x 8′ lumber. I covered both the base and stand top with laminate leftover from my rollout tray [orange] and scraps [blue] my neighbor gave me from the sewing table I built. BTW, I built the stand so I can remove my Xtreme spare tire, should I flat with a full tank of water.

The tank is in. Next, I have to add the plumbing. I may do so next month or maybe in September. Stay tuned…

DIY ~ Micro-Lite Cargo-Go Lite Xtreme Trailer [Hairlight], 07/19

Untested–Nanoleaf Canvas [overhead lighting in a mobile photo studio]


Added a lighting board to the Xtreme ceiling, above the bench [hairlight]. Nanoleaf Canvas are square light panels that can be App or touch controlled. This board is mounted with 5 hinges like the two wing boards for left & right lights. Nanoleaf Canvas is to be available late-November, this year. Lighting for photography will be different and, I think, interesting. Stay tuned…


DIY ~ Micro-Lite Cargo-Go Lite Xtreme Trailer [TeleConverter Caddy], 07/17

One more caddy [a solo] is finished.

IMG_1640The teleconverter is tucked away beneath my 400mm telephoto lens + 2X Extender. I will anchor the caddies to the countertop with industrial strength velcro. I know I will not travel with the camera rig mounted. I am not yet sure about the lenses. I have my case beneath the bench. I must be safe, rather than sorry.


DIY ~ Micro-Lite Cargo-Go Lite Xtreme Trailer [Lens Caddy & More+…], 07/16

In addition to the “more,” there is more…

Okay! I have added a container for lens caps, camera cover, etc. I have also added my compass and modified my Lume Cube light stand to have one of the lights at different heights. The Lume Cube accessory rack is working for me… I even have holes to store the red & black test meter probes. They are is the wood block at the base of the LC accessory rack.


DIY ~ Micro-Lite Cargo-Go Lite Xtreme Trailer [Lens Caddy & More…], 07/16

Mounted my 400mm telephoto lens and a rack for Lume Cube accessories


I have now applied 3 coats of Tung Oil to the lens caddy [pictured with 2] and my trash bag hook. Good the Lume Cube accessories have little magnets in each corner. We will see how well they hold during travel. My goal is functionality. So far–GOOD!