Photography ~ 2018 Critter(s)–YIKES!!!

This is NOT what I expected to find as I checked for eggs…

I do not think it is a black snake. Please tell me what type snake this is. Thanks! Nonetheless–share and share alike–one for him and one for me. Pictures were taken with my iPhone…



Author: jalexartis

Avid cyclist, who loves photography, technology, blogging & cooking...

4 thoughts on “Photography ~ 2018 Critter(s)–YIKES!!!”

  1. This is the second snake I have seen in this yard, the first in about 6 years. The first one was maybe 1/10 this size.

    I checked for eggs after dark and thought I saw something around the one egg I saw. I went to get my iPhone to use its light–shocking!!! It is good I did not just reach in to get the egg. The experience may have been totally unnerving.

    After a few snaps, I got one of my light for better pictures.



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