2018 DIY [#02] ~ Table [with casters]–Fabric, 04/28

For the lady next door…

Last Saturday [04/21], I was asked to build this. The materials [see the first comment] were finished. The concept and build are mine.

Photography ~ Deep Pink Azalea, Day & Night, 04/17

The difference in pics taken during daylight and after dark

March 25, 2016, daylight photos and April 14, 2018, after dark photos

Photography ~ Deep Pink Azalea, After Dark, 04/14

As contrasted with daylight photos of this plant taken 2 years ago

March 25, 2016, daylight photos


Photography ~ 04/02 and 04/13 Azaleas & Dogwoods Photo Shoots Combined

Recent shoots combined

04/02 Shoot ~ 04/13 Shoot


Photography ~ Azaleas & Dogwoods [after dark–The other Pink Azalea], 04/13

More DSLR shots, featuring Lilac Azaleas.

Home ~ After the Double Pine Tree Removal & Moving Mulch, I planted a Tree, 04/07

This was Saturday, April 7, 2018, Lia’s 18th Birthday.

It’s a Yoshino Flowering Cherry Tree and is in the southwest corner of the backyard. It will be easy to recall when I planted it–my oldest granddaughter’s 18th Birthday. Happy Birthday Lia Iman Artis.

The mulch [38 wheelbarrow loads] is from the two pine trees removed from the front yard March 29, 2018.

Home ~ More Twisted & Tangled Root Removal [04/02 – 04/06] following the Double Pine Tree Removal

Trees are beautiful, but???

I thought hauling 38 loads of mulch over two days was laborious [and it was]. Removing all the roots I did over 5 days was much, much more so. I do not see I will have to do this again and I am GLAD! At least I now have the potential for a smooth lawn–stay tuned…