Home ~ Double Pine Tree Removal–Job Complete, 03/31

Except for reseeding the lawn…

Thirty-eight full wheelbarrow loads later and all the mulch is moved. The trees were removed last Thursday, 03/29 [five-minute and twelve-minute timelapse of the removal].


Home ~ Double Pine Tree Removal–Slower Timelapse [24FPS], 03/29

Twelve minutes versus Five minutes.

Home ~ Double Pine Tree Removal–From Stump to Mulch, 03/30

I have moved 30 wheelborrow loads of mulch [6 to 10 more]

Home ~ Double Pine Tree Removal–Fast Timelapse [60FPS], 03/29

Raining Pine…

Home ~ Double Pine Tree Removal, 03/29

Trees that are around 70 years old…

Thanks to American AllStar Tree Service LLC., [Gary, James, Brandon, Brian, & Michael] Vander, NC. It was a full and exhausting day…

Publishing ~ Blog–About Update, 03/25

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