Photography ~ Super Blue Moon in Fayetteville, North Carolina, 01/31

The second full moon for January [Blue Moon] rises @ 06:05 pm EST.

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Do you see my Double Transit of the moon by two airliners?

Commercial aircraft Double Transit the moon [It was over in a slit second]

I am one lucky guy!


Photography ~ Partial Lunar Eclipse, Fayetteville, North Carolina, 01/31

6:23 – 7:05 am EST {12 pictures}

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Photography ~ Fayetteville, North Carolina–Nearing Full Moon, 01/29

Waxing @ 93.6% of full moon

Bottom [original] sharpened and darkened. Top–more post processing.

Photography ~ Fayetteville, North Carolina–Other First Quarter Moon Shots, 01/24

I think dusk shots are better because of more contrast between the moon and the sky.

My 01/24 Cover Shot [the monochrome one].


Photography ~ Fayetteville, North Carolina–First Quarter Moon, 01/24

Checking my processes, should I try to capture the little bit of the lunar eclipse, 01/31

0124 Quarter Moon

Other 01/24 moon pictures.

DIY [#38] ~ Rhino-Rack Pioneer Platform–Micro–Tuned Hoist Rigging, 01/24

Used turnbuckles on the front arms–balanced left & right and front & rear

DIY [#38] ~ Reweighing the Rhino-Rack Pioneer Platform, etc., 01/23

Now, with 2 Folding Antenna Brackets and 2 additional 4-LED Cubes, plus hardware.


From 135.8 lbs to 143.2 lbs. I round that to 145-pounds. That gives me 20-pounds to the Ford Transit Connect Van’s maximum hauling roof weight of 165-pounds.