Photography ~ In the midst of it all, Apparent Heirs, 12/17

Two 17-year old granddaughters

Lia Iman Artis [pictured with me below] and Adriana Brooks English both have more than a curious interest in photography–one of my passions. They are honing their skills in this medium and, from what I know, will share their artistic abilities as they grow.

A moment of discovery–Lia takes a snap of us with my Apple Watch–Thanksgiving 2017

I am delighted, as their grandfather, to know there are two photographic prodigies in this family. I want my work to have meaning and not die when I am gone. It is comforting to know the tools I use will find their way into capable hands.

Girls, I wish you both the best and keep snapping…

GrandPa James

Author: jalexartis

Avid cyclist, who loves photography, technology, blogging & cooking...

One thought on “Photography ~ In the midst of it all, Apparent Heirs, 12/17”

  1. From my Bio:

    I have two children; both now adults, with two children each. My daughter Sherry [Rogers], is 48 and my son, Michael [Pamela] is 46. My grandchildren, Gabriel, Lia, Adriana, and Brandon are 19, 17, 17, & 13 years, respectively. Man, am I getting OLD–72, 12/17/2017.


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