DIY [#37] ~ Preparing the van for wiring of the light bars–The Rhino Rack SunSeeker Dome Awning, 12/16

Since wiring is to happen as soon as I receive the light bar brackets, I needed to fix the 4-LED Flood Light position. It was not easy…

Okay! FedEx delivered my Friday shipment a day later than they thought. On receipt, I got really busy–especially on the 4-LED Floods. I also got to check the functionality of the dome awning for photography and camping.

DIY [#37] ~ Preparing the van for wiring of the light bars–Arms for two flood lights, 12/16

I tried several options–none worked as I wanted. So, new arms…

The requirement is to mount all lighting so they are functional regardless of awnings. First, I had to decide on one of three Rhino Rack Awnings. I selected The Sunseeker Dome Awning. I can be mounted on the sides or rear. I chose the rear–more functional using the van as a photo station. I’ll add side walls later.

Next, the lighting must illuminate the area beneath the awning. That is easy for the 30-inch LED Light Bar, but not so for the 2 4-LED Flood Lights. Finding a place that places the light beam under the canopy was difficult and time-consuming.

Nonetheless, I derived the solution you see in the featured image above. I will attach the arms to the rear cross-bar. The lights will be under the Pioneer Platform and near online with the light bar [center of the rack] [pictures later]. The design allows me to swivel each light left-and-right. I’ll paint the square tube [arm] soon–black, of course.