DIY [#37] ~ Preparing the van for wiring of the light bars, 12/15 & 12/16

I was cold enough that I built a fire for warmth as I worked–27-degrees.

I will have the switches [5 of them and a spare hole] to my right-rear and just above my head. They will be incoperated in the bulkhead [08/04/2016] that seperates the passenger area from the cargo section of the van. This shoud simplify wiring and save defacing the van with light switches. As you see, I have an inverter [06/23/2017] at the base of the bulkhead. That makes it easy to tap the battery without running another line.

The switch wiring will be behind the lighted mosaic wall I made in August 2016.

I think the end result will be tidy.

Stay tuned…