FTC ~ Photography–LED Light Bars–DIY [#37], 12/10

I am waiting for Pioneer Platform brackets from Rhino Rack–hopefully by the end of next week.

Light Bars
I will install 4 LED Heise LED Light Bars [Blackout Series] on the van–a 42″ for the front; a 30″ for the rear; and two 22″ for the sides. This gives me “always with me lighting” for mobile photography–no setup needed. I will also install two 3″ 4-LED Cube Flood Lights [also Blackout Series]. I think I will place them of the front, maybe the rear–TBD. Although I will affix the lights to the Pioneer Platform, a local installer [Rhudy’s Car Audio & Accessories] will wire them.

Author: jalexartis

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5 thoughts on “FTC ~ Photography–LED Light Bars–DIY [#37], 12/10”

  1. The 4 light bars weigh 31.51=31.6=32 pounds. They are heavier than I expected. I have to add the weight of the brackets and the two LED cubes.

    This is significant because the max cargo on the roof for the FTC is 165 lbs. The pioneer Platform weighs 65 pounds. Add 32#s and I am down to 68 pounds of cargo on top. I plan to use some type shade device. It may be one the is installed on the rack or standalone. I need portability/mobility.

    Product Info:


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