Happy New Year, 2018

I am thinking about you…


DIY [#38] ~ Electric Hoist Station–Carport, 12/31

My LAST 2017 DIY–Thirty-eight in this year.

I designed this lift to allow me to remove the Rhino-Rack Pioneer Platform from the van to wash and wax the top of the van. Lift capacity: single line: 220-lb & double line: 440-lb. The rack, as outfitted, weighs approximately 100 pounds. I will weigh it once off the van.

Photography ~ Discombobulated Bird–Recovering, 12/29

What would you do after flying into a window???

Anthony Martin says it looks to be a Northern Cardinal.

After about 30-minutes, this birdie flew away…

Flickr ~ Ford Transit Connect Van–a year in pictures, 2017 & 2016

See how the machine has evolved…

Flickr Albums: 2017 and 2016

This wall hides the DIY [#37] wiring maze and reflects blue accent lighting, 12/28

Behind the wall are all the relays, switches, and wiring you saw yesterday

Created August 2016

The Maze

DIY [#37] ~ LED Light Bar & Flood Wiring–Topside, 12/28

Lighting power cables through the roof of the van

Before installation and from inside the van.


DIY [#37] ~ LED Light Bars & LED Flood Lights–The Results, 12/27

The lights are indeed, bright!

_MG_3012.CR2Switch Blue LED on indicates the outside LED is on.