DIY [#31] ~ Rain Cover–CamRanger System [splash shield fashioned], 10/07

No splatter in the sides or back! Painting & trimming is next…

Splash Shield Collage

DIY [#31] ~ Rain Cover–CamRanger System, 10/07

I think this will work…

The Featured Images [above] were taken with the camera [100mm lens] beneath the cover using CamRanger and my iPad. I have finishing and painting to complete this DIY. The materials are all repurposed items–no current money spent.Camera Roll.jpg

Photography ~ October Full Moon–The Harvest Moon, 10/05 [Iron Mike with a Commanding View]

Taking a bit of artistic license…


Photography ~ An Autumn Surprise–Yucca Blooming, 10/07

This is a pleasant surprise!

Autumn YuccaI did not expect more yucca blooms until spring.

Photography ~ Pyracantha–Photographed during the afternoon Golden Hour, 10/06

The berries are a bit oranger now…