Photography ~ Part of Feisty-Five’s Day [the shoot], 09/26

Another basking shot and the “shoot” setup

The CamRanger rig sits within the aquatic habitat.AH CamRanger

Photography ~ Part of Feisty-Five’s Day, 09/26

My Yellow Bellied Slider Turtles [YBST]

The shoot


Photography ~ Canon EF 400mm f/5.6L USM Telephoto Lens + EF 2X III & CamRanger, 09/25

Amazing clarity–even with the 2X Extender. This combination gives a focal length of 800mm.

Some say pictures taken with a 2X Extender are not sharp. I’m pleased!_MG_2050.CR2

Night Photography ~ Tops [according to Flickr], 09/26

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