Photography ~ Liriope green berries, in the dark, 09/17

I think nighttime photography yeilds compelling photos…

Here’s the setup–sans the Lume Cube Lighting.

Again, CamRanger & the iPad prove indispensable.


Camera Gear/Kit ~ CamRanger, PT Hub, & MP-360 Pan/Tilt Head–mounted on Platypod Pro Max, 09/17

Ready for close to the ground shots using CamRanger & iPad Pro 10.5

With the gear I have, multipleĀ configurations are possible, relative to the type picture in my mind’s eye. For that, I am thankful!

This setup gave me the picture below–planning for tonight, as well. I think pics after dark are more interesting [What do you think?]–lighting is key. My focus [the object of this shot] is actually the Liriope’s green berries–black in the fall._MG_1900.CR2

Photography ~ Sansevieria Trifasciata and more, 09/16

Now, the Sans… I have been growing for years. It has even bloomed!