Landscaping ~ Backyard, Cedar Gardens–The mums are in–night shot, 09/03

Today was a busy one…

Okay, this day is nearly finished and it is near midnight Eastern Daylight Time. September 3, 2017, began with tranquil rays of sun through the trees in the backyard.

Then, I pulled weeds, pruned the blueberry tree, transplanted the avocado. Her name is Mercedes and she is now in the ground on the west side. She will have good shade there.

After taking care of the avocado, I set out more liriope to fill the void after moving the root piece to the east side of the west walkway.

The last goal of the day was to plant Chrysanthemums. I did that after the was no more sunshine at the flagpole flower bed.

I also laid down metal edging to outline where I want the sidewalk to go. The question is when? I think sometime in 2018.

The last task was to capture the root piece and the mums at night, with the DSLR and here you have them…


Author: jalexartis

Avid cyclist, who loves photography, technology, blogging & cooking...

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