DIY [#30] ~ iPad Mount for Manfrotto MT055XPRO3 Tripod, w/DIY Shelf & DIY Weight System, 08/23

Refined my SkyGuider Pro Setup by placing the GPS inboard & integrating my iPad

I needed a relatively easy way to place the iPad and did so with a shelf of sorts–first wood and the Lexan. The Lexan is clear and doesn’t need finishing. Both are from scraps. I completed the project yesterday; but, I did not take pictures until tonight.

With the eclipse over, I will focus on lunar photography with this system. For now, I am using the Canon Connect App to wirelessly connect the iPad to the camera–no more monitor, wires, & batteries. I plan to replace the current App with CamRanger.  I was on my want list but canceled it. Now, it is back.