Photography ~ 08/21 Solar Eclipse–full script validation–PASSED! 08/20

Okay! We are ready…

My batteries will last for ~3 hours. If not, I have backup batteries and AC in the van. Pictures [RAW] use 4.6GB of 29.7GB on this 32GB SD Card–space to spare. Near the end, the monitor flashed an overheating warning. I also saw this Friday. The monitor helps me keep images near center sensor. I can turn it off periodically. It is currently 91°. A high of 90° is forecast for tomorrow. I will watch temps. Given my 5 phases of planning and this final validation test, I hope for many keepers. Here is a contact sheet of pictures taken.

Validation Contact Sheet

Of course, with the moon covering increasing portions of the sun, the pictures will be less exposed than what you see on the contact sheet. I think that is okay. Now, if I only had totality…

Want details? Please see my script and log.

Photography ~ 08/21 Solar Eclipse–full script validation, 08/20

A script for ~222 pics

Providing the electronics work and I maintain focus & tracking, I hope to have some keepers. iOptron SkyGuider Pro is tracking the sun as I type this. Elicpse Orchestrator is controlling the camera. My task is to manage it all.




Photography ~ 08/21 Solar Eclipse–The morning before, 08/20

Through the morning fog–no solar filter–800mm

_MG_1102_Cropped.CR2I went to capture the sliver of a moon–waning 2.9% at moonrise. The picture was too noisy to post.