Event ~ Solar Eclipse–August 21, 2017, more getting ready–decorating is finished, 08/16

Silver Eyes…

I finished the woodwork just over a month ago. Olivia delivered her artwork yesterday. Thank you, Olivia! I put the solar filter in today and snapped these pictures.

They are not your typical cardboard eye protection.

Photography ~ Planning4–08/21 Solar Eclipse, 08/16

Thamks to iOptron Support–Kevin & John, I am now comfortable with tracking at 800mm STILL, spot on 30-minutes later.

Today was to have been onsite test shooting; however, I needed to resolve shooting the sun near the zenith. Thanks to Kevin and an email picture, that is resolved.

I shot a few more foreground pictures with my iPhone. I did not have my DSLR wide angle lens [for RAW photographs] with me. Maybe, I will have afternoon sun again before Monday. Rain is in the forecast. Nonetheless, progress…

Photography ~ The Moon [after dark], Fayetteville, NC–400mm Super Telephoto, + Extender EF 2X III = 800mm, 08/16

Waning, now at 41.9%

Please see my 08/05 before dark moon pics with this setup.


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