Photography ~ Planning3–08/21 Solar Eclipse, 08/15

Yep, I will make adjustments…

Testing is a good thing!

First Outdoor Test

Lessons learned:

  1. Get a fix on the sun before high-noon and verify good tracking and get a GOOD focus. Looking at pictures of the sun, I want the 800mm pics. I think a part of the challenge is the sun to so high in the sky that my latitude has to be changed for the camera to see the sun. doing so will result in tracking errors. I need the camera to point almost vertical. The sun is supposed to be @ 61° at max 08/21. I plan to shoot on site Thursday. I know more then.
  2. Clouds and trees are not my friends when there is a solar filter on the lens.


  1. The HandyCam’s image is not sharp enough to make its use worthwhile.
  2. 800mm is too tight to keep the sun centered in the frame–shoot at 400mm. I think this 2X extender/teleconverter is better suited for pictures at a distance when there is no motion.