Photography ~ The Moon [before dark], Fayetteville, NC–400mm Super Telephoto, + Extender EF 2X III = 800mm, 08/04

I’ve not captured the moon like this before. Bring on a lunar eclipse…


Photography ~ The Sun, Fayetteville, North Carolina–800mm Super Telephoto, 08/04

That is a Canon EF 400mm Super Telephoto Lens, + a Canon Extender EF 2X III [Teleconverter]

I know it is a sunspot because of reported sunspot activity and my comparing my pics with Solar and Heliospheric Observatory Picture, taken today. It took me assessing several of my pics to know I captured an event on the surface of the sun.

To keep the pics interesting, I have a few clouds, as well.

DIY [# 18] ~ Photography–Tripod Table [Initial Finish, 03/23] ~ Modified, 08/03

Gave it legs to hold my laptop and not fall over

First Iteration

Tripod TableThe laptop will be used to control the tracking of the camera mount. More on it [iOptron SkyGuider Pro] today…