Gear/Kit–Manfrotto MT055XPRO3 DIY [added weight system], 08/03

For those time I may need a VERY steady tripod.

I do not know that this tripod was not steady. I added weight as insurance, particularly for the 08/21 Total Solar Eclipse. There’s not another one in the USA until April 2024. I will be 78. So, I should not risk a shaky tripod 08/21, or anytime photos are critical.


I devised a system that places weight [sand bags–actually rocks] suspended from the column that has the tripod head. This saves my DIY shelf from stress and puts the weight where I think it should be–all without modifying the tripod. I anchored a wire loop to the column using a donut, a pair clips, and a hose clamp. I also use a pair pulleys beneath the shelf to route the rope. The plum keeps the rope’s free end straight.