Event ~ Solar Eclipse–August 21, 2017, more getting ready, 07/12

This time, protection of the eyes from the potentially blinding sun rays, it one looks at sun before or after totality. Of course, that is always the case.

I have basically covered my photographic kit. Today, it is eye protection. I could have ordered glasses or an eclipse board. I chose to make my own–another DIY–this one DIY [# 27] for 2017. I have finished construction and painting [see my comment]. This is what I came up with:


Olivia will decorate has decorated them. That should be interesting!


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One thought on “Event ~ Solar Eclipse–August 21, 2017, more getting ready, 07/12”

  1. This phase of the project was completed is a day.

    The questions were: 1) What size? I had a piece if 1/8″ plywood. I sectioned it to render 9 pieces. The build uses 8. I modeled with the extra piece. 2:) What color: In consultation with Olivia, we decided on black. Principally because I have black paint–actually lacquer for these. 3) How will it be held? Dowel, metal rod, or something else. Looking for a no-cost option and minimum work required, I selected the grips you see in the pictures.

    Olivia has accepted the task of making the look interesting. I am anxious to see her work.

    I will create a sun blocking “sandwich” to slip into the slot I left open at the top. I will place a piece of Thousand Oaks Solar Filter Sheet between pieces on thin Lexan. the protect the filter from fingerprints, body oils, and scratching. I used 3M Mounting Tape to join the wood.
    After placing the two sides of wood together, I touched the eclipse boards up with a few blast of spray lacquer.


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