Photography ~ Marigolds that won’t repel mosquitos, through the lens of an iPhone, 06/18

Thanks to the crustacean Roly Poly. They are vivacious eaters of my marigolds

Good that I have other mosquito repelling plants that are not being consumed. Yeah!


This “pest,” also called a pill bug, is thought to be beneficial by some. I’d rather have the marigolds.

Photography ~ Backyard–Landscape, A few snaps, 06/17

We have lots of blooms in this yard

I took these yesterday in an effort to test “offline” picture taking for dslrBooth. Apparently, not within the photo booth; but using their HashPrinter App, I can. That requires a $25.00 per quarter subscription. I need to make this work for our city’s new baseball park. The hope is that it will be ready for the 2018 baseball season.