Photography–7th Annual Caribbean American Heritage Festival, Fayetteville, North Carolina, dslrBOOTH Photo Booth WiFi Check, 06/17

Today, Saturday, 06/17, was a GREAT day to evaluate site WiFi

IMG_4117.PNGOur local cable provider [TWC ~ Spectrum] has multiple “free” hotspots, providing you pay for their Internet service.

If one has not previously signed in, enter one’s User ID and Password and one has Internet access.

Next Sunday, 06/25/2017, I am to operate a Photo Boot at the Festival Park for the Caribbean Festival. Today was the day to check site WiFi and know what works and what does not. I used three criteria:

  1. Are Spectrum WiFi Hotspots available?
  2. Can I connect with each of my 4 devices?
  3. Can the laptop and iPad communicate with each other?

If the answer to either of those is “no,” then I have to use my iPhone hotspot function. I’ve used that function before and it has worked for me. My problem is the amount of data I will likely consume over an 8-hour period.


  1. Yes Spectrum’s SSID is visible and can be connected to. Yeah!
  2. I connected automatically with my iPhones and had to sign in with the laptop & iPad–no problem.IMG_4118.PNG
  3. Fail! Apparently, multiple routers are used. At least multiple DHCP Servers. My laptop and iPad were on different subnets. dslrBooth will not communicate if the devices are not on the same subnet.

Plan B: Actually, using a personal hotspot was my initial concept. I deferred to public hotspots as a way to conserve my carrier data consumption. Nonetheless, SUCCESS!


dslrBooth is content and I am elated! Of course, this was to be expected because that testing worked at home. I wanted to ensure a different location did not matter. The connection seems to be more reliable than my home WiFi-maybe less interference in the open.

Given the WiFi confirmation; next, I will simulate reliability by taking pictures for an hour to see if I have connection drops. I will make this test during a cooler time of day. If there are slow times, I can turn off the hotspot and hope there are no restart issues. My experience is, DO NOT push it. One is asking for trouble each time there is a restart. Plus, one could be interfering with someone else’s time–not a good business practice.

After an hour reliability test, I will process transactions using the POS system [on the same hotspot]. Planning date for that test: 06/21. Stay tuned.

Stay tuned…

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