Photography ~ After Dark–Flagpole Light & Mask, 06/05

The “added feature” [light hood & masking] just means a section of the flagpole appears missing.

Photography ~ Flagpole Light & Mask, 06/05

Cascading Verbena will mask much of the coconut matting and the black hood

I think this is a wrap on DIY [#23].

DIY [# 23] ~ Landscape–Flagpole Light, added a hood–hiding the framework, 06/05

It is not appealing to me to see how the hood is affixed to the flagpole.

Here is my resolution. I have a few loose ends to secure.

It began with hardware wiring to make a wall:

Next was purchasing material to hide the wall–coconut matting; and, then plants that are hardy for Zone 8a, that cascade, and attract butterflies & hummingbirds–Verbena.

So, I chose to use a hanging basket. It will take several weeks to see the Verbena cascades. Stay tuned…

I’ll take DSLR pictures aft I secure the loose coconut matting. Of course, I’ll take pictures after dark.