Photography ~ The making of a dslrBooth Logo–two with curls, 06/30


I am using curls to reveal information beneath the curled corner and to show less of the area beneath the curl. In the picture on the left, the curl hides the top of a street sign. Last Sunday, is a few pictures the logo hid parts of the picture that should have been visible–adjustments as I go. I have used the left image with one of the templates. The white area is transparent.

DIY [# 26] ~ Photography on the Go, 06/28

A day closer to going out to take pictures for pay

Today, I secured smaller items in the van, turned on the electronics, and screwed down the edges of the sign. For some reason, the coroplast curled on the board. BTW, it is nice listening to music as I work. With the van beneath the carport, I used an “umbilical” cord for AC versus running the van to use the inverter.