Cooking ~ Using Juicing Pulp–Veggie Loaf, 05/19

I used 3 eggs & shredded Parmesan Cheese to bind the veggies. Added raw red onions

It looks like fruitcake.

I sampled–very good. I will eat it as a meal tomorrow.

Cooking ~ Lunch–Veggie Burger, 05/19

I’m juicing–what to do with the pulp???

I never throw food away!

I have eaten the pulp from juicing as soups and salads. Yesterday & today, as veggie burgers–DELISH!!! The pulp is very favorable–ginger, beets, fruit bits, and other assorted veggies. I bind them with an egg and parmesan cheese–yesterday fired, today baked. Today’s cheeseburger has lettuce. red onion, tomato. and two slices of sharp cheddar cheese. The fixings hide the veggie flavors–thinner slices or only cheese on top.

Photography ~ Night–Backyard Landscaping Collage, 05/19

Collage & Slideshow

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