Technology ~ Photography–SOLOSHOT3 | April Update, 04/28

Well, the wait is much shorter than it was…


44348269-1e6e-4242-b0b3-b3b92b217cb7Over the past month, the team has been putting the finishing touches on the manufacturing line and getting all the software ready for mass production! Significant End-of-Line test improvements have been implemented, and larger batches of SOLOSHOT3 + Optic65 Camera Bundles have been boxed up and shipped to the US for continued software validation across various activities.

They also say:

aadb8d31-e497-43b7-b4e5-8a1b8348995cMass production kick-off is now set for the week of May 9th.  The only change to the schedule shared in last month’s update is shifting the start date of the window for releasing the very first large batch of units from our California warehouse from May 15th to May 25th.

My estimated shipping date remains mid-June. Only those who ordered between September 15, & October 15, 2015, have and additional delay–10 days from May 15 to May 25, 2017–a very long wait for them.

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