Technology ~ Photography–SOLOSHOT3 | March Update, 03/31

There is little to cheer about today…

Well, another delay; but, we have shipping projections. If they hold, I should have my camera in June. That’s a month later than I had hoped after delays from spring 2016, having ordered January 22, 2016.

They tell us:

These are the dates your order is expected to ship from our warehouse in Southern California.

I’ll continue to work on audio. I’ve made GREAT progress. More on that later…

DIY [# 19] ~ Videography–Sound Truck [added a fixed pole], 03/31

For a camera or microphone. It can be raised & lowered.

I will finish the wood later. Finished 04/02.

DIY [# 19] ~ Videography–Sound Truck [laptop added], 03/30

That was not too time-consuming…

Rubbermaid Shelving & Rivets did the trick. Glad this mixer has USB in and out. At this point, I have 3 sound sources–2 wireless mics and a PC. The mixed sound is fantastic. Add a shotgun mic and get the sound from this sound truck to the SOLOSHOT3 and I’ll be in business.

Of course, there will be shoots where I will use only a portable microphone. The sound truck can be used in post [processing].

DIY [# 19] ~ Videography–Sound Truck [mixer added], 03/30

We are getting there…

I am very pleased with this Mackie ProFX8v2 8-Channel Sound Reinforcement Mixer with Built-In FX. I have mixed the sound of 2 microphones and listened with the headphones–nice! Sound will be ready when the SOLOSHOT3 finally arrives. I have yet to add a shotgun microphone of some type. I am still researching…

I think I will integrate my other laptop since it’s not employed now. with it, I can have background music in the mix. This is exciting! Stay tuned…

Photography/Technology ~ Xsories Weye Feye gives me a look [refining], 03/29

I am getting closer to the capture I want–all made with the app.

The featured image shows what I see on the iPhone Screen.

DSLR Capture
DSLR Capture

I have to move a few items that still show after the crop.

DSLR Capture Cropped [flash not used for these test shots]
DSLR Capture Cropped [flash not used for these test shots]

Photography ~ March 18, 2017, Flickr Upload, 03/28

Could it all be in a name?

The lead photograph [featured] in this set of 11 has 341 views [2 favorites]. It is not unusual that the first photo in a set has more views that others, but not hundreds more! I choose to name this collage “nipple.” Might that be a reason??? I like the composition…149064655097567

DIY [# 20] ~ Photography–Ceiling Rack, Hanger + Weye Feye [outside the rack], 03/27

How it all fits…

Before I put the hanger [drawer] back in the rackCeiling Rack Hanger