DIY [#14] ~ Photographer’s Table & Sub-DIYs, 02/23

Rather than enumerate each one, I think of them a a part of the table.

Nonetheless, there was a separate build for each:

Photographer’s Table [Flickr 2017 DIY Album]

  1. Bowl Lift
  2. Catch Pan
  3. Background Gel Rig
  4. Gel Frame
  5. Special Lighting
  6. Pluto Valve Arm/Rig
  7. Reflector

At this point, I could have over 21 projects completed. There are other subs, as well.

DIY [#14] ~ Photography–Photographer’s Table [modified special lighting background reversed pics], 02/23

The diffusser side facing forward

No more black between lens. Three of the pics have the light source turned up. The featured image has max brightness with the light source at the top.

Photography ~ Still Life, with Special Background Lighting, 02/23

Alabaster Eggs are popular on Flickr

See these here

The Horn

DIY [#14] ~ Photography–Photographer’s Table [modified special lighting background pics], 02/23

The differences are subtile

Perhaps more visible to the eye [after this mod] than the camera.horn

DIY [#14] ~ Photography–Photographer’s Table [special lighting background modified], 02/23

Replaced the translucent back from plastic bags with a square of Cracked Ice Ceiling Light Panel

This has an interesting effect from both sides and gives me a flat back [after cutting 3/8″ from the stem of the two protruding glass pieces] to place in front of gels on my Photographer’s Table [before]. I think the bokeh will be more pronounced than these.special-lighting-0223