Photography ~ Before the Special Lighting Background [There was just the Purple Gel] 02/20

After seeing the Special Lighting Background, going back to the gel seems so…

Nonetheless, working with lighting is FUN!

Special Lighting Background

DIY [#14] ~ Photography–Photographer’s Table [special lighting background pictures], 02/20

Well, here you are–my morning pictures.

DIY [#14] ~ Photography–Photographer’s Table [special lighting background], 02/20

Twelve days ago [02/08]. I said:

In the meantime, I will soon test high-speed captures and a special light background I made today–pictures later. Stay tuned…

img_7736I finished the lighting on the 8th; but, I wanted to make smaller lights for a nice bokeh background.

I tried but was not satisfied with my efforts. I am finished and ready to show you my work.

As you see, there are two clear pieces of glass [bottle tops] in the center column and random color lens in the other holes.

I used white plastic to cover the back and diffuse light.

Here is a collage of the finished lights and a few with the board in use on my Photographer’s Table. My next article will have pictures showing the lighting effect. Again, stay tuned…bokeh-lighting

Photography ~ Still Life–Shades of Purple, 02/20

Purple embodies the balance of red’s stimulation and blue’s calm.

Photography ~ Capturing Motion, 02/20

Golden light