Technology ~ Photography–SOLOSHOT3 | January Update, 02/01

The March 2017 ship date holds and that is good.

Shipping Update: We have made a significant amount of progress moving the SOLOSHOT3 Base, Tag and OpticX Cameras to mass production. Bundles are expected to begin shipping from our manufacturing partner to our US distribution center in March. The key limiting factor to shipping at this point remains certification. We look forward to providing more shipping details in next month’s update.

Read the update here

Author: jalexartis

Avid cyclist, who loves photography, technology, blogging & cooking...

One thought on “Technology ~ Photography–SOLOSHOT3 | January Update, 02/01”

  1. For some reason, this post received a 1-Star Rating. The post contains facts from SOLOSHOT and my statement that the March 2017 ship date holds. That was true on the date published and remains true today. I have removed the rating for this post. I believe the person that posted the rating is Frank Lentine
    He responded to my Facebook Comment saying:

    Frank Lentine Ship date holds? They didn’t hold anything. Instead, they started laying the groundwork for another missed deadline. Look at the hints: shipping to the distribution center, manufacturing partner, certification… All things they can say are out of their control. This was laughably parsed with 10 minutes to go in the month.

    I responded, stating:

    James Alex Artis Like it or not, March 2017 remains the target for shipping.

    Anyone who wants to comment, do so. I DO NOT play games.

    James A Artis


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