Technology ~ Photography–SOLOSHOT3 | February Update, 02/28

The promised update [including video] is in.

The March ship date still holds…


Hello,  We are closer than ever to getting your SOLOSHOT3 Bundles out the door! This month we include a sneak-peek of the user interface (UI) that we’re pretty stoked about. We’re also excited to show off the progress we’ve made in tracking accuracy and image quality over the past several months. Check out SOLOSHOT3 in action below as it keeps our equestrian friends in the shot!

Shipping Update: Depending on when we get our certification approvals, we expect OpticX Camera Bundles to begin shipping via air freight from our manufacturer to our US distribution center between late March and mid-April. Our distribution center is ready and waiting to begin shipping onward to customers within a few days of receiving units from our manufacturing partner.

In next month’s update we will share the week your Bundle is expected to ship based on the month in which you pre-ordered. In addition, we will begin confirming shipping addresses via email in the coming weeks. Please be sure to add and to your safe list.

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Photography ~ Still Life–Reflections in Red, 02/27

Using my DIY [#15] Stand.

DIY [#15] ~ Photography–Photographer’s Table Stand, 02/27

Another DIY is finished…

The stand I used to hold the platter [pictured] in my 02/26 article.

Photography ~ Still Life–”A” is for Artis, 02/27

I’m still working with the orange theme.

These are photos of a clear glass platter with an etched letter “A.” I used a DIY stand to hold the platter. I’ll publish an article about this DIY around noon today–Monday, 02/27. Stay tuned…

Photography ~ Still Life–Praying Hands, 02/26

Lighting’s dramatic effects…


Technology ~ AirPods, 02/26

I’ve had these a while now… [since 01/04]

Apple AirPodsairpods

Flickr ~ 2017 Most Interesting, 02/25

The dynamic of change

Thank you for your interest. See them here.2017-02-25_20-26-06-2017-most-interesting