Photography ~ Still Life-3 Yellow Roses, 01/28



Photography ~ Still Life-Lilac Vase [gallery], 01/28

Lighting & Reflections

I used a lilac [purple] filters on the left side light and the continuous light on the right. Flash was used where you see the top of the mirror better illuminated.

Photography ~ Still Life-Lilac Vase, 01/28

I’ve met the mirror reflection challenge.

Mirrors show EVERYTHING until you in some way cover up or mask what you do not want to capture in the shoot. Generally, I’m trying not include lights or other objects that can be distracting. Yesterday, I masked items on my west wall by hanging a black bedspread in front of them. That left the ceiling light exposed and maybe items on my south wall, relative to mirror and camera angle. Today I moved the cover eastward and now have somewhat of a “shooting gallery.”

Black in front of a mirror allows it to reflect only what one wants to be seen.


Photography ~ Still Life-An Urn & A Vase, 01/28

Lighting is the key…

Photography ~ Gear/Kit–Edelkrone SliderONE & Motion Module [sample video], 01/27

The slides are at ~10% of slider speed and maybe a little jumpy. I will look into that. Here,  I’m simply looking to show slider movement. My plan is to use the Edelkrone SliderONE & Motion Module more with the SOLOSHOT 3 and more likely timelapse with my DSLR.


See pictures taken yesterday here.