Photography ~ Smoke [Special Effects–question answered], 01/25

The answer is: Bubbles

That to my: What are the special effects???

Did you know and choose to not tell me? Anyway, I have a new little friend that shows promise. I base that on the special effects you have seen. My effort is to combine smoke & bubbles and see what we get. What do you think???

Then, the next question is where to place this little fellow relative to the stream of smoke for the maximum photographic benefit. We shall see. Stay tuned…

Photography ~ Smoke [Special Effects], 01/25

What are the special effects???

Who will give a correct answer?

Photography ~ Smoke [Macro Smoke in Red], 01/25

FL 100mm Lens for tighter smoke shots using a red lens filter on the strobe light and then creating a collage.


Photography ~ Smoke [Colors of the Rainbow], 01/25

Post Processing or NOT!

I altered a few pictures from my first Smoke Shoot and reverted all but one to its original state. Post can work and work best in an app like Photoshop.  I shot this morning using color filters on the snoot of my strobe light. I like the result and may shoot more with a single color theme to see what the variations are based on the smoke. This is interesting learning…

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Home ~ Photography–The Black & White Room [in the round], 01/25

Take a spin…

Now is as good a time as any to publish this 360 from Google Maps.

Photography ~ Smoke [The Shoots], 01/24

From these you get some idea how I captured the smoke pictures you have seen [or may have].

My little “studio” is a cramped and “busy” place. Are the products worthy?

During the shoot, I change angles and relationship of light to subject and camera to both.

First shoot

Second Shoot.

DIY [#13] ~ Photography–Reflector, 01/24

Made from scraps. I had to buy the aluminum foil. I also plan to put on an edge guard.

This project came about unexpectedly. The backstory is here. In short, I needed a reflector for Smoke Photography. It seems to work as described in my readings. I have completed two shoots using this reflector: 1) Photography ~ Smoke [Burning Incense] , 1/24; and 2) Photography ~ Smoke [Burning Incense–in a bowl], 01/24. Good my Manfrotto tripod can be used with the camera mounting screw on a horizontal plane. That made it easier to support the reflector.

 I will show it in use in my next article.