Photography ~ Smoke [Burning Incense–in a bowl], 01/24

Another perspective–4 pieces of incense burning at the same time

Earlier, I hope you saw my first Smoke Photography effort. Now, for a second shooting. This time I am using a bowl to hold the incense.

Author: jalexartis

Avid cyclist, who loves photography, technology, blogging & cooking...

One thought on “Photography ~ Smoke [Burning Incense–in a bowl], 01/24”

  1. My reading is for some capturing smoke with a camera is not easy. Maybe I have beginner’s luck on my two shoots. I did my homework and let the camera do its work. I shot in manual mode with a shutter speed of 250. I used aperture settings from f1.8 to f4.6. You want as much of the capture in focus as possible. Lighting should be placed so it does not illuminate the background, not shine into the camera. A side light must be bright enough for the camera to see the smoke to autofocus. I used ISO of 100. I did not check for a lower setting. I must do so. Anyway, there you have it.


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