Photography ~ Smoke [Burning Incense], 01/24

This is NEW for me.

This morning Anthony Martin posted this pic on his Facebook Timeline.

anthony-smokeI asked: What is that?” He replied: “Smoke!” We chatted a bit more and I began to research Smoke Photography and then decided I would try to take Smoke Photos tonight. I have most of what I need. I had to build a reflector [DIY #13–to be published]. That done, here is my first go at this new type photography. Thanks Anthony for the inspiration.

Now, my second go around…

Author: jalexartis

Avid cyclist, who loves photography, technology, blogging & cooking...

6 thoughts on “Photography ~ Smoke [Burning Incense], 01/24”

  1. I shot 95 and narrowed them down to the 24 you see. I released generally straight columns of smoke. Turbulent smoke is more interesting. I have changed the angle of my lighting and will shoot incense burning in a bowl. I’ll see how that goes. I think it will be interesting. Stay tuned…


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