Photography ~ Smoke [Burning Incense–in a bowl], 01/24

Another perspective–4 pieces of incense burning at the same time

Earlier, I hope you saw my first Smoke Photography effort. Now, for a second shooting. This time I am using a bowl to hold the incense.

Photography ~ Smoke [Burning Incense], 01/24

This is NEW for me.

This morning Anthony Martin posted this pic on his Facebook Timeline.

anthony-smokeI asked: What is that?” He replied: “Smoke!” We chatted a bit more and I began to research Smoke Photography and then decided I would try to take Smoke Photos tonight. I have most of what I need. I had to build a reflector [DIY #13–to be published]. That done, here is my first go at this new type photography. Thanks Anthony for the inspiration.

Now, my second go around…

Photography ~ Still Life-Silk in a Can, 01/24

Again, lighting is the difference…

I took more but settled on these.

Photography ~ Still Life-Silk in a Vase, 01/24


There are subtle differences when using fill lighting.

Photography ~ Still Life-Silk in Blue, 01/24


I did not keep the shots with flash–nothing wrong with them

Photography ~ Still Life-Hydrangea & Glass, 01/24

One with fill flash and one without