YBST ~ Yellow Bellied Slider Turtles–Quarterly Update, 01/23

Today marks 21 months in this house

I do not have a spectacular basking shot today–I tried… I show some of the pictures I took in the collage above. Below is a slide show of interesting turtle activity from late November through mid-January, captured from my IP cameras. Enjoy…

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Photography ~ Still Life-Strobe Light, 01/23

Working with lighting and exposure.

img_5243-cr2click to enlarge

Home ~ Photography–The Black & White Room [revisited], 01/23

Still, my most frequent workplace.

Home ~ Photography–The Black & White Room [LEGs], 01/23

I haven’t counted them [stands & tripods]; but, there are bunches and bunches…

DIY ~ Recent Projects, January 2017 [Update, 01/23]

Add another one. An IP Camera Foot.

The projects continue…

There were 11 on 01/20