DIY [#11] ~ Photography–Floor Light Stand [Versatile], 01/20

The Photographic gear I’ve built gives me LOTS of flexibility on what goes where for pictures to be taken.

My iPhone sits where my DSLR would normally be and the LED light [you saw before] sits what my Neewer Continuous/Strobe Light was on last Wednesday’s [01/18] shoot. My DIY tripod tray if the subject of this shoot. You can see it on the phone’s screen. You can also see how I use lighting for the perpective pictures taken with my DSLR.

DIY [#11] ~ Photography–Floor Light Stand [The Shoot], 01/20

Perspective–used the iPhone on a tripod [needed a ball head for tilt] to capture my setup for the Floor Light Stand Shoot.

Hopefully, you have seen my Floor Light Stand Post. This slideshow gives perspective for some of the shots. That is, where was the DSLR on its Floor Camera & Light Stand and where was that stand in relationship to the Floor Light Stand [DIY #11] with the LED lights.

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DIY ~ Recent Projects, January 2017 [Update, 01/20]

Eleven already! That’s just since the beginning of the year.

There were 10 on 01/18

DIY [#11] ~ Photography–Floor Light Stand, 01/20

Short tripods are not stable enough for this light. This Floor Stand is!

Frequently, this light was higher than I wanted it to be or it fell over because of the tripod. This DIY solves both of those problems.

This base is rock-steady.

DIY ~ January 2017 Photography Related Projects [9], 01/20

My 10th project sits in the kitchen–Keurig® K475 Pod Holder

These sit in the Black & White room.