DIY ~ 2017 Project #10–A Low Light [and Camera] Stand, 01/18

Like many of my DIYs, this stand evolved…

My Neewer C-180 Continuous/Strobe Light is normally on a tall light stand.with the light aimed straight to the front, I can only get to 3½-feet from the floor. There are shots where I want to be on the floor or ground.

Not anymore! This project puts the light ass low as possible–save the height of hardware and the board its mounted to. I can turn and angle the light from there. Nifty!

Well, it was going to be a single purpose project. Then I noted my L-Bracket keeps the camera from sitting upright when off the tripod. Fix that with another stand? NO! Place my second Arca-Swiss Clamp on the board and have a dual purpose board. Further, I can mount my iPhone, my DJI Osmo Mobile, SOLOSHOT 3, other lighting, etc. in the clamp. Nifty!!

Note: I also have the PlatyPod Pro Max that permits me to go low with cameras and lighting. I think it is good to have options for the greatest creativity.

What if I want to change the horizontal orientation of this platform: 1) move my hand; 2) install a lazy-susan bracket; or, 3) use an axel. The 3rd option is the easiest to make work. Options 2 & 3 require another board–a polygon or a circle. I opted for a circle–less work. I am using a wood circle that is larger in diameter. At some point, I may want to add a 360° scale

My axle is a ¼” bolt through a spacer in the top board. I kept the 3 plastic feet for stability and friction so that the system does not easily move. Nifty!!! Enough words, let’s look at pictures:

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