DIY ~ Charging Station for 4 Apple Devices–Work Complete, 01/16

Well, this one took a while…

It is done, nonetheless!


DIY ~ Recent Projects, January 2017 [Update, 01/16]

Now 9 [Stain & Oil Mood Light Top] Working the 10th–a low light stand

There were 8 on 01/13

DIY ~ Charging Station for 4 Apple Devices [still working–device holder], 01/15

Waiting for the epoxy to cure overnight. Hopefully with a strong bond

My finish for the holder is done. working with 1/4″ plywood on this project was challenging. Ideally, I would have had a 3/4″ block of wood and a router to remove the recessed areas. Maybe one day, I will do so or have it done by a professional. Anyway, the DIY is functional for me. Pics later today with the devices in place again.