DIY ~ Photography–Product Stand, 01/12

Out of need, comes inventions…

img_5039-cr2I noted yesterday I did not have an “invisible” stand to photograph items like the PlatyPod Pro Max box.

My solution is to have a slim post and small table top.

I built such a stand today and took pictures with it tonight.

I have an 18″ wood base [stained, etc.], a 30″ long 1″ pipe covered with a bicycle tube, and floor flanges to connect the base and serve as a “table top.” I can increase its size as needed.


Photography ~ Gear/Kit–Edelkrone SliderONE, 01/11

The first of 3 components in this system

This component is manual. The Motion Module is not yet shipping, nor is the FlexTILT Head 2. They are projected to begin shipping 01/18. I have studied slider for over a year and thought I wanted several of the other ones at different times. With the iOS App, I am satisfied this will allow me to capture the type shots I want, particularly when integrated with the  SOLOSHOT3. Similar to the PlatyPod Pro Max, the shipping box is nice.


Photography ~ Gear/Kit–PlatyPod Pro Max–Nice Piece of Gear, 01/12

It comes in a very nice box, with a Microfiber drawstring Pouch.

img_5026-cr2I left the spiked screws, with rubber feet, in for this photograph. They fit neatly in the magnetic housing box on the left. I am delighted with this purchase. [related photos]