DIY ~ Charging Station for 4 Apple Devices [mods, then painting & staining], 01/10

Construction is done. Time to try for the look I want.

The build is good. I added a base so the “picture” stand does not topple over when I remove a phone. I used epoxy to glue the stand to its base. The trimming of the stand’s back gives me the tilt I want. I use a 3rd layer of plywood to conceal the lightning connectors and decided to not use a 3rd layer facade.

The two disc [easiest to cut] are a rest for the phones so the lightning connectors are not stressed and the phone can be easily removed. They are positioned so they cannot be seen when the phones are in their slot.

I decided to paint the device holder to have a single tone. I considered flat black and decided on satin. I had planned on spray paint but got brush-on instead. That was a mistake. I also should have thinned the paint. I have steel wool work to do. I may then spray paint. For now, I am NOT liking the finish. Stain and Tung Oil for the base. I like it!

What will tomorrow bring???

Author: jalexartis

Avid cyclist, who loves photography, technology, blogging & cooking...

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