Home ~ DIY–Keurig® K475 Pod Holder, The Process…, 01/02 & 01/03

I have begun the finishing process, with the first coat of stain applied.

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I think when the final coat of Tung Oil is applied, I will be comfortable allowing this DIY [preparation] to be seen. I regret my manual drill [drill press for all the others] on the last hole [center] grabbed the wood and marred it. My cover-up makes the tray unique, sans the 23rd hole.

Author: jalexartis

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8 thoughts on “Home ~ DIY–Keurig® K475 Pod Holder, The Process…, 01/02 & 01/03”

  1. This is just the first coat of stain. I plan on two, then several coats of Tung Oil. I may put the edging back or use molding. Leaving the sides bare is another option. It depends on what looks best when I return the tray to the drawer.


    1. Thank goodness for black stain. The light-colored wood and my boo-boo were NOT working for me! On a lark, I gave staining the wood a try this morning–happen to have black. GLAD I did X 2.


      1. I gave the wood a hardy rub with steel wool to allow more grain to show. Applied the 1st coat of Tung Oil @ 11:00 PM EST. I think I’ll apply another 4 coats of Tung Oil @ 3:00; 7:00; 11:00; & 3:00. With that, I can take final pictures after dark–window will be black.


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