Home ~ DIY–Keurig® K475 Pod Holder, 01/02

My build versus Keurig®’s carousel or drawer…

My options are to build or buy. I opt to build for less cost and not take away from to my precious counter space. When I can, I model so I know the measurements I need and to minimize errors. That’s the case here. I’ll use the kitchen cabinet drawer beneath the brewer. Modeling also helps me buy the exact amount of materials I need, saving waste and extra trips to the hardware store. Here are my smartphone pics.

By making a wood holder and having more space between pods, I have more wood to finish [stronger] and enjoy the beauty of its grain. I will finish the holder with Tung Oil as I did the tripod tray.

Photography ~ Gear/Kit–Manfrotto MT055XPRO3 [DIY–The Whole Kit & Kaboodle], 01/02

Pictures of both aspects of the project–tripod tray & RainCover.

I can hardly wait to test… I need the “head”–SOLOSHOT3. It is supposed to ship sometime between now and the end of March 2017. Articles.

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Photography ~ Gear/Kit–Manfrotto MT055XPRO3 [DIY Shelf {with RainCover}–Complete], 01/01

Just in case it rains…

With a SOLOSHOT3 as the “head” of this piece of kit [backstory], I am prepared to protect the wood tray, anything thereon, and the tripod. I may add triangular doors for blowing rain. Anyway…

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